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Voices Bylaws.

Mission Statement:

  • Bringing the Institute related issues to the fore.
  • Highlighting Institute achievements.
  • Analyzing the problems affecting academic community in the institute through investigation and suggest way outs if possible.

Selection Of Team Members:

  • Information about openings has to be communicated to the student community through broadcasts, posters etc.
  • Any IISc student is free to join Voices.

Selecting Editor:

  • One-year term for editor (flexible in exceptional circumstances)
  • In case of extraordinary circumstances, members can unanimously run the selection for the editor again.
  • Voices Team selects the editor by simple majority.
  • There is a provision of Working Editor who would have an interim right and responsibility for a particular Voices issue. The selection of Working Editor is done the same way as the Editor.

Roles and Duties of the Members of Voices:

  • This applies to all members of the Voices team including the editors.
  • Assigning roles and duties to the new entrants is done through interactive meetings.
  • Should contribute to Voices as and when required.
  • Help out in the other functioning of Voices as and when required.
  • Strictly adhere to the basic ethics of journalism.
  • All team members must maintain confidentiality of matters discussed within the team.
  • If a team member misses 5 consecutive team meetings, a show-cause notice will be sent to the team member by the Team and the process for removing the member from the team will be initiated.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Editors:

  • The Editors should ensure the regular publication of Voices with help from all team members.
  • Editor is completely responsible for all material printed in Voices.
  • Voices may not subscribe to views or ideas presented by outside contributions, they are solely their own.
  • Authors submit -> editors review -> return to authors suggesting changes -> authors revise article and make changes -> authors resubmit article.
  • Responsible for content of e-Voices.
  • The editor has to reach a consensus for each editorial decision.
  • The editor won’t have any special privilege in the team other than having the additional responsibility of being the intermediary between the Students’ Council / IISc administration and Voices.
  • Voices Team has the final say in the content of Voices and has complete authority in all other matters.

Guidelines For Bringing Out Articles:

  • The team members screen ideas to decide which will be put into Voices.
  • Choice of articles should not be motivated by religious, political and regional considerations.
  • Articles should be fair in their report, unbiased in their presentation.
  • They should follow broad principles of journalism.

Role of Students’ Council:

  • The Voices team will work jointly with the Students’ Council in raising issues pertaining to the interests of IISc students’ community.
  • With consent from Students’ Council, Archives and Publications Cell of IISc will fund Voices.

Amendments to the Bylaws:

  • The Voices Team together with the Editor reserves the right to amend the bylaws on a unanimous vote.
  • Bylaws to be reviewed annually when the new editor takes charge.