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Ten reasons why one should have water crisis in hostels

1. You get to tune your body clock according to water availability timings – you can probably publish a Nature paper titled “Rewiring the circadian rhythm – a study on effects of water availability on the human wake-sleep cycle” .

2. You can kick bad habits like getting up at 6 AM, as you don’t get water till 9 in the morn.

3. The long walk from your room to the only bathroom in the hostel that has water, on the floor below yours, can prove to be the morning walk you always wanted to take, but were too lazy to actually go on.

4. You can experience emotions which you never thought you were capable of – like the murderous rage that hits you when you see the unkempt lawns in front of the main building being watered incessantly, when you don’t have water for basic needs.

5. Your mind gets sharpened and inhibitions lowered; and you come up with crazy ideas like taking a face wash and tooth brush to the main building, and freshening up in the morn, using the water which is available in plenty there.

6. You get to check out all the loos on campus – on other wings in your hostel, the ones in other hostels, the ones in your dept etc.

7. You can publish a book titled – “A comprehensive survey of bathrooms on the campus of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and classification of the same based on water availability and hygiene”

8. You get to play your role in the water conservation movement by not taking the daily bath.

9. You can opt to be a subject in trials for perfume and deodorant companies.

10. You appreciate the administration’s successful efforts in making you empathise with the under-privileged, who have to struggle for the water on a regular basis.

Chetana Baliga (MBU)
Sketching: Rupesh Nasre (CSA)


The Pune trip

There are lots of things to take out from the trip, here I’ll try to describe few moments moving around our pApPoo Bhai. I came to know more about him, during our project work in the last semester of M.E. and after that during some of our group outings. I’ll try to picture some of the incidents (obviously this can never be as amusing as in live).

We were on the train (Udyan Express), The train was at its full speed and we saw quite often, other vehicles overtaking our train :-). We had some awesome Pav-Bhaji at Solapur station. After having lots of unhygienic food at various stations, we were still hungry and we planned to order something from pantry.

pApPoo Bhai took the lead and asked a person who was moving by, “Order Lethe Kya”. That person stayed calm and stood still for some time, like he was hit by some lightening, then comes his first reaction, Inspector……… Senior Inspector…… (It was like Bond……. James Bond). He continued…. In my 14 years of service no one has insulted me like this, do I look like a waiter ? He looked at the people around him with sympathetic expressions showing his neatly tucked shirt, leather belt, polished shoes and he asked again, do I look like a waiter ? We also showed some sympathy and tried to convey no u r looking great. once he left we all broke out laughing. This incident explains how a great sense of achievement (which generally take years) can be ruined in a single moment. This can only be done by people like pApPoo.

In between the journey we saw lots of Sun flower plants. pApPoo Bhai (A great thinker n observer) said can u see these plants they move towards the sun for absorbing maximum sun light, our solar cells should also be designed like that. We were all impressed, but he was not finished yet, he said why don’t we put the solar cells on top of these plants itself……….. Thats why I say one shouldn’t think too much.

So he was in full flow, we were all trying to get some wisdom from him. He continued…… even in this train, energy is not conserved properly, we were all curious, how ?
pApPoo : see we can put a wind power generator fan on top of the train, the energy generated by it can be used to drive the train. Train in high speed will again generate the wind energy for driving it faster and it’ll go on, energy problem solved. We all felt so privileged to be with such a great visionary, by this time we were all in the same mode of thinking as pApPoo, so some intelligent questions were obvious. One of us asked – but in that case how will we stop the train ?

ME (CSA) 2007-2009 Batch