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Theme Based Contest – III

Dear Readers,
The theme for the third installment of the Theme Based Contest is “Fashion in Grad School”. Given the huge disparity in the submissions we received for the previous installments of this contest, we have decided that this time around, we will not be imposing any limitation. You are welcome to submit either prose or poetry, or both. Each category will be judged independently.

Mail your submissions to
The deadline for submissions is November 20, 2012. So pick up your pens and get the creative juices flowing!


Voices Team


Contest II Winner: The Pile

In my room there is a bed

And on that bed there is a pile

A pile that’s over-flowing with clothes

A pile that’s a testament to my style!!!

Clothes from today, from yesterday

Clothes from God knows when!!!

A pile that’s been there for so long

I think it was there when I moved in!!

Wash and wash till my hands go numb

Wash till my palms go dry!

The pile never seems to diminish a whit

No matter how hard I try!!! 😦

It sits like a king in the middle of my room

Occupying more space than I do!

The pile: an ode to my tawdriness

My room wouldn’t feel the same without you!!! 🙂

Namrata Iyer (MCBL)

Contest II Winner: Writing Humor…

Writing humor

is not my cuppa chai.

But when editor insists,

I say not ‘no’,

and let the mind’s thoughts

take a morning plough.

Though madness

is my regular fare;

Jokes never could I

narrate with flair,

Wit in my bag

I handle with care.

Ogden Nash

is my hero..

Wodehouse..where are thou?

Gags of laughter,

Stand up comedy,

Music and flowing parody..

Humor finds a place in all..

A smile, a word, a face, a mall…

While my quest

for the funny bone..

is serious and not just jest..

One thing I know for sure

Learn to laugh at thyself..

then proclaim to the world

your humor trophy on the shelf.

Madhurima Das (MGMT)

Contest I Winner : St. George and the JARGON

Confuse-If-You-Cannot-Convince [CIYCC] Pvt Ltd has come out with a new product – Jazzy Application of Resplendent words that God Only kNows [shortened to JARGON]. This product is said to solve the troubles of people world wide, by helping them replace brief and lucid language with incomprehensible, hence, important sounding terms. At the day long launch of JARGON, titled “Bada hai toh behtar hai – the benefits of implementation of large hyphenated words over direct terminology”; the Chairperson of CIYCC announced that they would be having a one-plus-one introductory offer, where, upon running JARGON, each word in your input sentence would get replaced by two complex terms.

The initial reviews of the product have been favourable. St. George, whose negative reviews had slain the previous product DRAGON [DiRect Approach and Outright kNowledge], was all praises for JARGON. Said he – “now I can go forth with courage and speak with confidence on issues I know not of”. Yes, indeed, when a man speaks of “Pulmonary embolism” or “Collateralised debt obligations (CDOs)” in a matter-of-fact voice, the other people can only stand around and nod their heads knowledgeably, daring not to ask the speaker what these apparently commonplace terms mean.

JARGON has found a good market in academia. The language in seminars has now become ostentatious, in negative correlation with the understanding of the listeners. International journals are accepting papers written in Greek and Latin, as they are virtually indistinguishable from the ones on which JARGON has been implemented. Research has shown that when people are subjected to a steady stream of JARGONated sentences, at the rate of ten pompous words a minute, they start losing the capacity to distinguish one word from the next, let alone comprehend their meaning. This gives rise to a sense of awe, albeit mislaid, towards the speaker, making him appear scholarly.

After the enthusiastic reception in academia, JARGON has been released world wide, and has been selling like hot cakes in media, finance and political sectors. Bolstered by this demand, CIYCC is planning to release JARGON ver 2.0, new and improved. Watch this page for more information!

Chetana Baliga Nabar  (MBU)

Theme Based Contest – II

Dear Readers,

Thank you for submitting your entries to our first theme based contest. We are hard at work trying to pick a winner. And it is turning out to be a very, very tough endeavor. It is going to be a very close competition. All the best to everyone! May the best article win!

The response we received for the contest was heartening. And encouraged by that, we have decided to continue the contest further. We are pleased to announce the next installment of the contest. The theme will again be humour. But the entries we seek this time must be limited to poems only. Mail your submissions to

The deadline for submissions is July 20, 2012. So pick up your pens and get the creative juices flowing!

The Voices Team


VOICES has started a contest where we invite contributions on a particular theme every month. The winning entry will be published in our next issue with a special mention. The theme for the first instalment of this contest is humour and we invite readers to contribute articles related to the theme. The deadline for the same has been extended to 20th June, 2012. We request you to send in your contributions [email id:] and we hope that Mamta Banerjee and analogous regimes are not watching.