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Contents – January 2014 – Campus Security Special Issue

Editorial – An Insecure Campus

Short List of People You Can Approach For Redressal of Problems or In an Emergency

The Voices Campus Safety Survey

Interview with the Security Officer, Mr. M. R. Chandrasekhar

Interview with the Faculty Advisor to the Students’ Council, Prof. Anjali Karande

Interview with the Chairperson of the Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee, Prof. Sandhya S. Visweswariah

Interview with the Secretary (Women’s Affairs), Students’ Council, Ms. Debaleena Basu

Students’ Privacy at IISc Swimming Pool Threatened

Are We Willing To Change?

The pdf version of the January 2014 Campus Security Special Issue of Voices can be downloaded here


Contents – October 2013

Editorial – Welcome Aboard!

Making a Difference: IISc Students Volunteer for Flood Relief Activities in Uttarakhand

MOOCs: Massive Open Online Courses

Random Rants

Sangam 2013: The Students’ Council Freshers’ Welcome

The Pralaya of Shiva

Fitness Woes

Students’ Council News (July-September)

The Elephant and the Blind Men: In Defence of the National Anthem

Moments with the Minister

My Experiments with Tooth

The pdf version of the October 2013 issue of Voices can be downloaded here

Contents – July 2013


The Forgotten Children of IISc

A Brush with Harsh Reality

Students Protest Proposed Rise in Mess Bills

Notebook Distribution

Students’ Council News

Samanway – 2013

Sign Cynicism

Secret of Macrophotography

The pdf version of the July 2013 issue of Voices can be downloaded here

Contents – September, 2012

Theme Based Contest – III

Cover Story: CUPA – Compassion Unlimited Plus Action

Editorial: Writing Humour is No Joke

Gymkhana Corner

An Introspective for Research Guides and Students

Help the Needy Collection:  A New Experiment

What’s in a Mess?

Namma Cycle Flag-Off Event

Contest I winner: St. George and the JARGON

In ‘His’ Society

Contest II Winner: Writing Humor…

Contest II Winner: The Pile

IISc in the News

NFI Essay Writing Competition Result

IISc in the News

On My Bookshelf 2 : Turning Points – A Journey through Challenges By Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 

A Friend on Your Path

Coders for Dummies

The PDF of the September 2012 issue can be downloaded from here.

Contents – June, 2012

Editorial – Reading and Writing

On My Bookshelf – 1

Kaalo Jogoter Aalo… Dark is the Light of the World!


The Little Balloon

Why Me No Like M.Sc.?

Theme Based Contest – II

The PDF of the June 2012 issue can be downloaded from here.

Contents – May 2012

Feedback: Verified Fact or Fiction?

IISc in News

Acknowledgement from Students’ Council

Students’ Council News

Installation of air-pump at hostel 2 basement

Fragrance of Samanway 2012……

Innovative Designs in Newer Hostel Block in IISc

An Open letter to a Researchian

Is My Cycle Trying To Kill Me

Human Relations

Analysis of Failure

Editorial – An Opinion to Apologise for


The Journey


U in U

The Canvas


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Contents – March 2012


Intanglibles in a world of tangibles

Editorial: Verified Fact or Fiction?

Where the roads meet

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s talk at IISc

NBD: A Misguided Effort?

Response to NBD: A Misguided Effort?

Deluded Delusion!

An appeal to the institute community

Justice Santosh Hegde Talk

Compassionate Lifestyle: Living in a Hostel and Eating Out


Sanity Restored 2

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Contents November 2011

My last straw

Editorial – Going Green

Going Once, Going Twice…

Fuelling Corruption



Musings! – A poem


Women’s Welfare Committee

IISc News

Developing India

A tryst with Anna

The Occupied Emptiness

Gymkhana Corner


Download November 2011 issue

Contents – August 2011 Freshers’ Special

Editorial – The Geek Within

The ‘Meeting of the Month’: What transpired behind closed doors

A Musical Evening at IISc by legendary Pakistani Khayal singer

The Bold meets the Beautiful: Veeresha Bellur visits IISc

Placement Committee Update

Intangibles in a world of tangibles

News channels 24X7

Gymkhana Corner

IISc News


Table Tennis







Swimming Pool

Dance Club

Music Club


Kung Fu

Ranade Library





Dramatics Club

Billiards & Snooker Club

Fine Arts Club

Click here to download the August 2011 Freshers’ Special Issue

Contents Food Special

The Devil Lies in the Details

The Idea of a Food Special Issue

The gift of “Maggi”: My precious!

Sweetness of Bengal & The Zing of China

Sail with the Salads

Bengaluru’s Bongo Desh’….

Banana Walnut cake

Keep it Healthy and Yummy

Trip Down the Ice Cream Lane

What You See Makes You What You Are…

The Appetising ‘FARE’

Nutri-Delicious North-Karnataka Food

The Italian Café

Chicken and Ice Cream


The Final Sip

The Finer Details

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