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Back issues from 2009

The February 2009 issue

The April 2009 issue (The colourful one!)

The Benchmarking 2009 special issue

The SC Elections 2009 special issue

The June 2009 issue

The July 2009 issue

Joining day tips (2009)

Tips to make the whirlwind process of registration that much less whirlier, compliled by Anaska (CPDM), who can also be found here.

Freshers’ special issue (August 2009)

Pullout from the August 2009 issue

The September 2009 issue

The October 2009 issue

The November 2009 issue


Back issues from 2008

The February 2008 issue

The Benchmarking 2008 issue (Full report)

The SC Elections 2008 special issue

The June 2008 issue

The September 2008 issue

Back issues from 2007

The February 2007 issue

The June 2007 issue

The August 2007 issue

The October 2007 issue

The December 2007 issue

Back Issues from 2006

2006 was the year when Voices turned into a bimonthly of sorts. Well, almost.

The April 2006 issue

The August 2006 issue

The September 2006 issue

The October 2006 issue

The December 2006 issue

Back issues from 2005

The September 2005 issue