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Issues from 2010, thus far…

The February 2010 issue

The pullout from the February 2010 issue

The March 2010 issue

The Voices Research Special Issue is now out! In this issue we try and decipher what it really means to be a research student, once the euphoric dust has settled and as far as you are concerned, if the fat lady sang out now it wouldn’t be a minute too soon!

The May 2010 issue

The June 2010 issue

The July 2010 issue

The August 2010 issue SC special

The September 2010 issue

The September 2010 Pull out

The October 2010 issue

November 2010 issue merged with December 2010 issue

The December 2010 issue

The January 2011 issue

The February 2011 issue

The March 2011 issue



This is the beta version of Voices, the official IISc newsletter, in its latest avatar. In an attempt to reach and listen to our readers (especially our off-campus ones) better, we have migrated from our own website, linked below, to a commercial one here.

Do let us know what you think of the move, the layout, the existing content, the newer content or just about any old thing you think we or the IISc community at large should know about. To quote Dr. Frasier crane from the hit 90s sitcom ‘Frasier’,

“We’re listening.”

Casting the first stone, a third time around!

Hello all!

*Sound of fanfare, roll of drums*

Allow us, ladies and gentlemen, to present to you Voices – yes, the same one that you have been reading thus far, and no, wait, in a different format!

*Quick drum roll, ending with crash of cymbals*

(Orchestra packs up and goes home for tea.)

Without further ado – Voices, readers; readers, Voices. The new online edition, that is, without putting too fine a point on it.

Introductions are awkward moments and we believe the protocol generally is to highlight some significant draws in the respective parties. Failing which, one falls back on quirks or eccentricities (without saying as much), and hopes for the best. And so we try.

The greatest utility of the internet is probably the immediacy of the format; the ability to reach out to our readers just as they sit back and take a quick Orkut/ Facebook/ Gtalk/ Wikipedia break (I know what you’re thinking but the better-quality nerds seem to swear by Wiki), grab them by the shoulders, shake them awake and get them to listen to what we say! And the ability to listen to every Voice out there, as it were. Internet, the new great leveller, then? Yeah yeah, we’ve heard of that Friedman guy in NY; apparently he’s not too bad…

For the last couple of years, the online editions of Voices were hosted on our own servers, first from the the Centre for Ecological Sciences (CES) and then from the National Centre for Science Information (NCSI) courtesy Prof. N.V. Joshi (jointly at CES and NCSI) and Mr. Filbert Minj (at NCSI). While there were advantages to such a setup, in the light of reports of difficulties with commenting and indeed, even access, from systems outside the campus, we have decided to outsource the hosting of our site to the fine men and women at while we focus on making our Voices heard louder and clearer and oh yes, listening to yours too!

So, go on. Tell us what you think of all of this. Tell us what you think we should know. Tell us what you think the Junta should know. Write in to us at the Voices ID, or write in to us at our personal IDs listed elsewhere on this blog if you feel you’d like that better. Or better yet, just buttonhole anyone of us on our innumerable coffee breaks and if nothing else, we promise you a kind shoulder and willing ear!