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Announcement : SC survey – Scholarship and LAN in hostels

The Students’ Council, IISc has announced a survey, conducted via Google spreadsheets to estimate the importance of the IISc scholarship and also to find out if the need for LAN in the hostels really exists.

The following is the announcement of the survey as it appeared on the broadcasts, for those of you who didn’t receive it.

Dear Friends,

Students’ Council requires your input for estimating the  importance of Scholarship and LAN in our hostels: Below is a link to the survey we have to answer ASAP. This will enable us present a good case.

Alternatively,the link for the survey form is also available on SC website.

On filling your info., PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRESS THE “SUBMIT” BUTTON at the end of the form.Do revert back to us in case you are not able to view or submit your details.

Thanking you.

Students Council
Indian Institute of Science

A further appeal – 3rd July, 2010

Dear friends,

Student Council is trying to collect some information which helps in putting forth a strong case for efficient implementation of the increase in scholarship hike and LAN in IISc, Filling of the form just takes two minutes. It will help you only. Privacy of all the furnished information is guaranteed. Regarding Scholarship, we want to put forth views in a different way to the administration given the fact that MHRD, the parent body of IISc, still did not approve the increase in scholarship. Only DST has approved increase in scholarship . Only 377/2700 students filled the form so far. Please actively participate and help the student community. We also request the outgoing students to fill the form as it helps our future students.

Thanks in advance.


Do reply to the survey as soon as you can!


Announcement : Rajat Jayanti Vigyan Sancharak Fellowship

The announcement

Click here for the full pdf and the application forms.

(The e-mail addresses at the end of Page 1 that are not clearly visible are and