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Feedback: Verified Fact or Fiction?

IISc in News

Acknowledgement from Students’ Council

Students’ Council News

Installation of air-pump at hostel 2 basement

Fragrance of Samanway 2012……

Innovative Designs in Newer Hostel Block in IISc

An Open letter to a Researchian

Is My Cycle Trying To Kill Me

Human Relations

Analysis of Failure

Editorial – An Opinion to Apologise for


The Journey


U in U

The Canvas


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Students’ Council News

The following students have been unanimously elected as
Office Bearers of Students Council for the year 2012-2013:

1. For the post of Chairman
Pramod Kumar Verma
Dept. of Physics, Ph.D

2. For the post of General Secretary
Patadiya Dharmesh
Dept. of Aersospace, Ph.D

3. For the post of Secretary, Women’ Affairs
Annuradha Rakesh
Dept. of Mgmt. Studies, Ph.D

Innovative Designs in Newer Hostel Block in IISc

The scarcity of hostel rooms in IISc seems to be over. Slowly, the “newer hostel complex” the name of which is not yet known, is becoming operational and the first students have moved into it. That gave me a chance to wander around in the block and find some interesting and innovative designs.

For instance, the latch which is suppose to lock the cabinet doors.

In case you lose your keys, any screwdriver will do the job, without damaging the lock. The latch is mounted in a way that if it is latched, it does not cover the plate with the screws. That would usually not be a problem since I do not know anybody using that latch anyway. However students are asked not to lock the doors, since the furniture such as cots and desks, are not built up yet. So all personal belongings are in the cabinet and the room door is left open. On the contrary, the security asks students to lock the doors even in case mother nature calls, due to thefts. 1000 rooms and 1000 times the latch wrongly mounted. Dear carpenter, is it so difficult to use the brain to think for a second?

Have a look at the two images below. Find 10 mistakes.

These rooms are just opposite. However you might have noticed that the space above the cabinet in the second room is just a rock solid wall. The problem here is that the room is around 30 to 40 cm too long. This means that the wall with the room door does not fall in line with the girder supporting the structure. Instead the space between the girder and the door is used to build in a larger window towards the hallway. But due to the girder, neither additional light nor fresh air will find their way into the room.

Since the gap above the cabinet and the girder would be very small (around 15 to 20cm in height), the additional space that is there in the first room has been conveniently walled, sealing something like 1 cubic meter of air behind the wall. Was this intentional by the architect? If yes, then why the differently designed rooms and not the same design for all? Or did the planner wrongly estimate the lengths? That brings me to another thought: For the structural integrity of the building, should not girders always fall in line with walls for support? Maybe someone who is familiar with the subject, can shed some light on it?

But in the end, as usual, no one will care. At least a major issue that was bothering people for years, has been solved and students finally get rooms on campus.

Alexander Fell

U in U

Confidence in heart,
Makes man smart.
It all starts the moment your tort,
All the strains & pains,
Trains you.
Every spell may kill,
Never be mum,
say sound.
Stay away from stray,
Be in your way,
never on others tray.
At your will, do well.
At the end,
what u would find,
Is another u,
Wound within u !

R.Sri Muthu Mrinalini


I never expect you
Yet I encounter you often
The aura that I feel near you
Is of heavenly bliss to me
I honestly cannot say
If it is sheer fortune
That I get to see you often
Or that you also wish to see me
I imagine always that
The latter be the truth
That the ardent love of mine
Is equally felt by you
But you are unpredictable too
Sometimes I feel you to be
An intricate puzzle which
I might have misinterpreted
I hope to solve the enigma
To get an answer that
Will keep me in bliss always
As I would be in presence of you!!

Abhijit K

The Journey

Yonder stood a silent road
had I reasons to ponder-
yet took the road in a pensive mood
The red clay forked Into dual way-
one looked Greener-
the other looked much Greener-
or one Bluish; Other more bluish
Both Illusions- capished I
Life is One- and Choice is mine

Fleeing Wings;
on the brinks
Ballsed up;
near the horizon
To pick either
the Greener or the much Greener
Or seemingly Greener- Unto now;
“Everything leads to Green”Said a voice-
turned I With an air of suspicion
to have seen me talking
to a person called “Intuition”

Ayes! Intuition was right –
and I went down straight
from the woods came thunder
stopped I for a while
Before taking up the next mile
“Hey Trespasser”! was the call
While I encountered a tall pal;
“Who are you?” enquired I
And waited for the stranger’s cry !!! ……

Bharathi Rajeswaran (MRC)

The Canvas

I picked up
“The brush”
To paint the life

Unlike you,
I thought to coat
Blue-for the tears
Red-for the pains
Black-for the fear
White-for the rains

Glittering days
Gloomy nights
Fading Prays
Ruthless fights

Astounded again
Felt the discomfort
In the tapestry of threads!

Floating in the colors
I saw
Sky that roars
Drizzles often!


The ripples of thoughts

Drifted- I was,
To the shore
The bogus grasses-fake green
Of hallucination!

I yelled!

“Don’t tell me
Roses are Red
White calms the peace
Black is the devil!”

Perplexed- I was,
What I perceive is
that what I see
Red for you, is
Black for me!

The canvas-hence
remained ‘Untouched’!

Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel “Hridayaninadini”
The canvas-my mind
Dedicated to my agony…
Sanjeeta sharma pokharel “Hridayaninadini’ at 8:04 AM

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Beauty has never been this beautiful
Life had never seen some one so graceful.
What you are I have doubts,
As no human can ever be this……………
Had heard the stories of Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White,
Never believed these stories to be right,
But thanks to you,
{For retrieving me from those dungeons of ignorance}.
Now the doubts I have is few.
Had Shakespeare ever seen you,
Ophelia, Miranda and Juliet would have been laid waste,
The daffodils would never have blossomed,
And the Solitary Reaper would still be at rest.
Your moon like face run over by the strands of hair,
The enchanting smile, like a stream carrying young drops of rain is so rare.
You are like the shining sun,
The cause of seasons, rainbow, night and other beautiful phenomenon.
Lucky for me to have these mesmerizing sights in share
Anyone else be like you!! The Gods won’t dare.
Whenever you stand among the crowd
Though protected, still radiating from your shroud
Thunder bolting with every smile of yours
Making it life’s greatest paradox.
Looking at you makes my heart think of the monsoon winds
which are always generous and kind,
But thinking about the days of drought,
Leaves me in a painful distraught.
The day I will be with you, I know would never come
But my feelings for you is like a radioactive reaction that can’t be undone.
Whenever I close my eyes, I just see your beautiful face
Never have I seen some one with such grace,
Sometimes I wish I could go and tell you this
But dare not I go through that test.

Suraj Kumar Das


I , hereby , dedicate this part of my imagination to the World where everything gets diluted….

Concentrated Ambiance
Pulls You
to get diluted
with the air
that faintly cross
the hills
Ripples the Pond
Get mixed up with the soil

The emotions within You
Will get diluted
when those tears
washes your eye-lashes
& topples down on the letter..
Your words

When the massive crowds
cries for You
You , Alone and
The swarm of Heads
Applauding hands
Brave , you stand
Head high
Your Fear

When You are resting your body
On the death bed
You smile
the World drops their hearts
You are
Your smile , Diluted

World mourns !!!
It’s the truth!!!
God has
His own ratio
To dilute
You and the Space
Zero is to two ratio
Your Normality seldom matters
Your creed seldom matters
Your possession seldom matters……
After all,
You are meant to be

Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel “Hridayaninadini”
Time: 12:05 pm-2nd April, 2011
Saturday,Me and My works around
Mitrapark , Kathmandu,Nepal
Accompanied by
Pen , Diary and Laptop
and A heart
Which is diluted..!!!

Acknowledgement from Students’ Council

Students’ Council Team 2011-12 is successfully completing its term in the first week of May 2012. It has been an absolute pleasure to have served the IISc student community. On this occasion, we sincerely appreciate all the students for their immense support and cooperation towards our efforts in fulfilling SC’s objectives. We thank the IISc Administration, Faculties, Staff and the whole Institute Community for their continuous support and encouragement towards the Students’ Council. We hope that the same support will continue to be there for the upcoming SC Team also.

Students’ Council Team 2011-12