A Letter from the Students’ Council to the Administration Regarding Campaigning during TMC election

Respected Sir,

I would like to bring your attention into a serious issue which is hindering the ambiance of our institute.
When students were nominated for SC elections, we were given a set of rules to be followed while campaigning (Scanned copy of the same attached).

No banners/posters were allowed.

We were asked not to litter the campus with pamphlets.

No canvassing was allowed during office hours and only 3 days were allotted for campaigning and so on….
We see that all these rules are not applicable to the contestants of TMC election. The staff strength is only 750 and they are disturbing the institute atmosphere. To reach to a floating population of more than 2500 students, we were not even allowed to paste an A4 size poster anywhere in the campus. This is injustice done to the student community. For SC and Gymkhana, we have constitution and set of rules. We are very happy to follow them to keep the campus environment friendly and to keep up the culture of an academic institution.
I wrote a request to the polling officer of TMC elections and came to know that TMC does not have any constitution and they are allowed to act according to their wish. Many of the staff are not available in their offices and today I have seen a group creating nuisance near SBI and lot of people smoking.

I request you to take this matter very seriously and kindly take appropriate actions to make these contestants remove all the banners and flex boards immediately.

In Institute Amenities committee and Health committee meetings, it was sad to see disrespect shown by some of the staff towards the Chair and Professors. In Prakruthi and Tea board, when faculties and students stand in queue, few staff are served tea/coffee on their tables. We are made to pay a service charge of 15%. We foresee a big threat to the academic environment of the institute if proper legal action is not taken immediately.

Thanking you,
Students’ Council


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  1. Kavitha Harish

    Dear Mr Hari Krishna and Mr SREEVALSA KOLATHAYAR:

    Thanks for posting your comments, happy to note that there is a little respect to the staff.

    I am in the Women’s Forum committee, I have attended many meetings. I know about many incidents by the other unions and I am against to it. We are unable to control such situations, where those people don’t agree if we say that there is a better way of communicating to get our demands. Such people think that by shouting and creating nonsense only will work. Many times we have tried to correct them but we failed.

    Anyway, I will try my best to tell those people not to spoil Institute atmosphere.

    I have huge respect to this Institute and I will definitely educate my colleagues to maintain decorum.

    Thanks and Regards

    Kavitha Harish

  2. My previous mail to TMC and the response we got.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: SC Chairman
    Date: Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 16:15
    Subject: Invitation for Meeting
    To: mgn@library.iisc.ernet.in
    Cc: scgensec@tejas.serc.iisc.ernet.in, scwomensec@tejas.serc.iisc.ernet.in

    Dear Sir,

    It is nice to hear that new team has been formed as TMC Office bearers.

    We Students’ Council sincerely thank you for the support from staffs and TMC towards various activities of the council and we wish that we should continue the momentum working together.
    It is nice to see your initiatives to promote Classical music/dance and to give tuition class for school kids. It is a good move and we appreciate the same.
    It was a pleasure for us to volunteer for TMC elections and we will be very happy to support you in future in our best possible manner.
    We Students’ Council members would like to have a meeting with TMC members sometime next week to discuss few future activities where we can join hands.
    We invite you to Students’ Council office. Kindly inform your colleagues and Inform us your convenient date & time. Can we have the meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday?

    With best regards
    For Students Council
    Indian Institute of Science

    We did not get any response. Rather, Hon. TMC Sec. talked to few of our student friends and conveyed below message.

    I will not come for any meeting with Students Council
    What Students’ Council thinks?
    We will not allow any student to enter TMC.
    We will not help students.
    We will not allow students to play in shuttle court in front of TMC.
    I can get 100 students behind me without the support of Students’ Council
    If Registrar and Professors dont have any problem, why SC is having problem?
    Why SC is interfering in our matters?
    If SC can publish in Voices, we can write in Times of India
    We know what is happening in Students’ Hostels. We will take photo clips and publish them.

  3. Dear Kavitha Madam,
    We are never against staffs. and we never blame the staff community as whole. There are many staffs working with dedication and institute runs because of their sincerity. We have (should have) high respect to them. There are few anti-social elements among them because of which institute faced problems in past also . Any action should come from Admin side. We are/will not interfere as it does not come under our domain. We informed the concerned when students were disturbed.
    kindly go thru my mail to TMC Sec. and kindly educate among your colleagues.

    Hon. Secretary,
    TMC, IISc

    Respected Sir,
    Following your comments, Let me clarify the stand of Students’ Council.
    We SC do not have any issue towards anyone. We have high respect to staffs because, they are much elder to us and are experienced too. Also, we are really thankful to the staffs who work with dedication to run our institute smoothly.
    When we saw that nuisance is happening in the campus and when students felt disturbed, we informed the matter to the concerned. That was our duty being representing students. We students have been taking lot of efforts to keep the campus clean through volunteer activities with the help and guidance of Mrs. Bhama Govindarajan. We have personally seen few staffs taking alcohol publically near Faculty club and the many places in campus was littered with plastic glasses, food packets and palm lets during TMC election. but we did not even interfere in that. If students do so, we have the edge to request and ask our student friends not to do so. but when staffs do, we cannot interfere and hence we did not.

    During TMC elections, palm lets were pasted over an important SC notice in front of A mess. Last week also, we saw TMC notice pasted over SC posters in B&C messes (student messes). I dont know that was done intentionally or unknowingly. Anyway, your posters are still safe on our Notice boards and it shows our decency.
    We are not going to do any Non-Cooperation movement. Our priority is welfare of Institute Community.
    You stated that you will not help us henceforth. Fine. But we are having a constructive approach and we are ready to help you in our best possible manner. Do not hesitate to approach us for any help that we can extend for any productive activity. Also, do not forget that we helped you in conducting TMC elections following your request.

    We are getting information that few TMC members are catching students and spreading rumors against Students’ Council. That is not the way to do things. If you have any problem with SC, you can to talk to us directly. We students are having little or no experience in governance and you are highly matured personality with years of experience in heading TMC. We did not expect a destructive and unprofessional approach from your side.
    We have no time to keep hatred towards any one. We students are here for only a short duration and our aspirations are different (to have a good career and to contribute to the nation technically&socially). The doors of SC office is open to all. We are having very constructive approach.
    We came to know TMC’s plans to come to my lab in a group and shout & to arrange a dharna infront of SC office and all. We do not understand why you are feeling offended. If any thing mentioned in my letter to AD was wrong, please counter me. Also, pls remember, we have just pointed out the disparity shown to Students where we mentioned regarding wrong happenings in our institute which affected student community too.
    Anyway, i am stopping here and once again i am making clear that we do not have any issue with anyone and we do not care what others do as long as it does not affect students / our institute.
    We look forward to hear from you a positive response and hope we can together keep our institute in its high fame as it is our collective responsibility.

    Thanking you

  4. I am not quite sure if I can say this.. but will go on. I might have been one of the exclusive students who were privy to a 40+ year-old man dropping his pants on the road in front of the TMC when the election process of going on. God alone knows the reason for such a gimmick, maybe it was just a dare. Thankfully he wasn’t completely undressed and the whole scene lasted about 5 seconds.

    One obviously cannot deny that the issues that cropped up during this TMC election, but the humour element of the event was still amusing :D.

  5. Hari Krishna

    having been in the Student Council office and sitting through several meetings (amenities, health committee etc) I saw closely how the employee associations bully the committee to get their demands passed. go to health center and all that a student gets is primary first aid and some brand less pills in a small paper pouch while the four people before you and three people after you in the Q (i mean the old employees) get a bag full of medicines.. another classic example is the coffee board (CB) issue. many of you would remember that the student council and faculty association are OK with the revised prices and wanted the CB to stay on campus.. but the minority among the consumers, the employee association, (in collusion with their t-board friends?) wanted the CB to be removed and as usual bullied the admin and got rid of the CB in a violent manner which some of you would remember. the recent violation of our beautiful campus by these huge banners make me think that the employees are more of nuisance than asset to the Institute. outsourcing all the clerical works is an option worth considering.

    • Kavitha Harish

      Mr Hari Krishna:

      I am one of the staff of the Institute since 20 years. Of course I can agree with you about the banners on the Campus during the election.

      About Health Centre matter, all will get the same medicine in the Institute prescribed by the doctor whether you are a student or staff or dependent of a staff. Why do you want to get bag full of medicine at this age. I wish God should not punish a great person like you to get such a situation where you have to stand in the Q for so much medicine. Be happy with the good health you have and pray god that you should never get such a situation.

      About the Coffee Board issue, I don’t want to comment much, but you get coffee in Prakruti, Nesara, Kabini, Pizza corner and CEDT canteen. I think after Prakruthi came in you all must be enjoying more stuff like, evening snacks and variety of breakfasts, where Coffee Board never gave us. They had of course good COFFEE other than that same idli and vada which was taste less, as per my personal experience since 1992.

      Among employees there are variety of staff, where I am personally hurt by your statement ’employees are more of nuisance than asset to the institute’ . Of course I agree that Students and Faculty are back bone of this Institute and all names and fames are from them but please note that supporting staff are also a part of Institute.

      There are staff who are working happily in the Institute without promotion since 30 years. Even you will not be happy in any place to work like this. Do not say employees are nuisance, you can say a group of people involved in a particular situation to create nonsense are nuisance. No one can change the attitude of a person. Nor anyone can change the situation of a employee of a Government organization when it comes to career growth. The institute staff are deprived by the promotional policy, hence they may be acting violent in some situation, where you cannot change and help anyone to get their benefits.

      I am really really very hurt today seeing this statement. A well education person should have knowledge to judge a situation or correct the atmosphere. Please don’t make such statement.

      • Dear Ms. Kavitha
        If you have been to any committee meeting then you understand what I mean by bullying. Ask your dear representatives. Thanks for enlisting the eateries available on campus. Are you on campus when your colleagues went on rampage and broke the cups while students are having coffee at coffee board? And this banner issue is there for all to see. I am not just venting out fickle emotions. As I said I have seen all this closely. I too have few friends among employees and I know my comments would ruffle a few feathers. But I dont have a better word than ‘nuisance’ for the ‘decoration’ you did all over the campus. many people share the same feeling. hope you got the message and we wont see a repetition of this kind in future. this campus is as much as yours as it is ours.

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