Updates on ‘Help the needy’ initiative

Cardboard boxes were kept in all the hostels in the end of June, till July end. There was a good response from the students and a huge amount of clothes and other articles were collected and segregated regularly (in amenities hall near SBI) by the effort of around 40 selfless volunteers. On 2nd and 3rd of October, stall was put up in Janata bazar between 2:00 to 5:00 pm for the collection of goods from staff members and faculties. Stall was opened in Vigyanpura campus also on 9th Oct. for collection of articles from the faculties there. We got a very good response from the people. As all the materials were nicely washed, folded and packed, it made our work easy to sort out. Clothes were collected from many staffs and students personally also. The details of sorted materials are (approx. nos) – Shirts: 800, T-Shirts: 1500, Gents pants: 2000, Churidar: 800, Ladies jeans: 600, saris: 100, Kids wear: 500, Beds: 40, Blankets: 75, Jakets/Sweter: 100, Pillows: 34, Footwear: 600 pairs, bags: 75 etc.

As to start with, on 25/09, some of the volunteers along with Prof. G L Sivakumar Babu went to KC General Hospital in Malleshwaram, with some clothes. Professor talked to each patient modestly and volunteers distributed the clothes. The patients accepted the clothes happily. On 26th September, 10AM, Volunteers along with Prof. Babu and Mr. Raghuveer Rao went to Victoria Govt. hospital. Duty doctor was kind enough to extend all his support and security Raju anna accompanied us guiding to all the wards. It was an eye-opening experience to see the patients with smiling faces in spite of their sufferings. We distributed the clothes in around 10 wards. Almost all the patients accepted the clothes happily. At around 1 pm, we returned. Same day at 4pm, we visited Maternity home in YPR and donated 34 pillows, 5 beds, 30 blankets and 2 quilts. We talked to security guards personally and 18 beds were handed over to them on 27/09/10.

On the morning of 3rd October, clothes were distributed to workers involved in construction near new aero building. At 5.30pm, all remaining materials from amenities hall were transported to the site where Ramki construction workers stay. Supervisor Sri. B V Reddy was kind enough to extend all his support. Clothes and footwears were distributed to around 400 workers and their families. Thereafter, saris and kids wears were distributed in slum near D gate. At 9.30pm, clothes were distributed to A & B mess workers.

As Prof. Babu and his friends used to distribute cooked rice and sweets during Navratri days, our volunteers joined them each day for distribution in a slum near NIAS gate, where around 150 families stay. On 10th Oct, 120 child wears, 20 saris, churidars, 100pants, 100 T shirts and 50 shirts were also distributed there. On the same night 9.30pm, shirts and pants were distributed to C mess workers.

Thanks a lot to all the volunteers for their continuous effort! The enthusiasm of the volunteers shows that humanity is still alive and one day, our society will get rid of all sufferings by the effort of such selfless people. If any student wishes to contribute/volunteer or if you have any suggestions, kindly mail to iischelptheneedy@gmail.com. Thanks to all IIScians for their continuous support to this noble cause. We seek involvement from large number of students. What we are doing may be just a drop in the ocean. We are gratified if that drop can bring smiles on at least some faces!

Sreevalsa Kolathayar (Civil)


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