‘Legitimate wife’ and other stories

The legitimate wife

I relate a conversation which I had with an ex-Voice-ean. I was trying to convince him of becoming a member of the IISc alumni association. The benefit of using the library facility was laughed off mercilessly. When I tried to lure him with the option of getting a hosyala guest house booked, I was in turn told about the experience of a common friend. The common friend wanted to accomodate his wife, working outside Bangalore, for somedays in the Hoysala guesthouse. He was denied a room in the guest house for the reason that wife cannot be considered his blood relation. IISc entertains only those guests who are blood relations of the students. All his efforts to convince his ‘legitimate’ marriage turned out to be futile. Common sense is indeed the most uncommonest thing around.

UG @ IISc, Bangalore, INDIA(fullstop)

We are posing a small challenge to the IISc-ians. Identify the photos given in the poster released by the UG admissions team. Also try to connect their link to IISc. If you fail to answer any despite being a part of the campus, think of the plight of the 17-18 year old prospective students viewing this poster. Strangely, all the disciplines which will be offered has got a picture and a title.

The International Relations Cell of the campus informs the reader that IISc is located in Bangalore, India(fullstop). I wonder where else will an Indian Institute be, other than in India?

Designing a poster is an art. It should have a proper balance of text, pictures and white space. For more on posters, a visit to Antz fx would be enlightening.

Raise your voice, let yourself be heard

More than an year ago when Condoleeza Rice, former Foreign Secretary, United States, was welcomed back in Stanford by The Golden Spike, the Stanford newsletter, with the headline ‘Condoleezza Rice bulls***s way through lecture’. The reason being liberals in Stanford did not approve of a professor taking a eight year sabbatical.

Do we have guts to write anything gutsy on any faculty, let alone, on any one in the top administration? I doubt that. We live in an environment of fear. We are often scared by the potential risks involved in declaring the emperor naked. As the editor of this newsletter, I believe, Voices do get noticed. Come, join and strengthen us to make Voices a reflection of yourselves. You are welcome to contact us at voices.iisc@gmail.com.

Raise your voice, let yourself be heard.

Shyam (Mgmt)


About The Voices team

Like it says, The Voices team, IISc, Bengaluru, India

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  1. U mean the editor cannot express an opinion? Say, it’s an ‘editorial’. You can agree or disagree with an opinion but I don’t think you can question anyone’s right to voice their opinion.

  2. Ref : UG@IISc

    Hi Shyam,

    I would have to agree with the commenter above me on the design of the UG poster; I don’t see the point you are trying to make regarding the photos on the poster. Everyone’s heard of Vikram Sarabhai and H.J. Bhabha but are you saying that since we don’t see their pictures as often, we must stick to plastering only Sir C.V. Raman’s and Mr. Tata’s pictures on all our posters?

    Editorials ought to establish a publication’s stand on an issue but to further use them to advertise/ endorse an individual’s work is pushing the boundaries on journalistic ethics.

    And as for the remark on the international cell, I again fail to see your point. All papers published from IISc or indeed, even the IITs, always have ‘India’ as the last line in their addresses. Just for the record, universities such as GeorgiaTech Lorraine do exist!


  3. Students and alumni should be allowed to write anonymously in Voice. Then the fear might disappear to some extent!

  4. @ UG@iisc, bangalore

    Being an editor of voices dont write nonsense.Just dont give lectures saying that the poster should be designed this way and that way and all. I could identify three of the four faces. CV Raman , Homi Bhabha and Prof GN Ramachandan. All other figures are relevant. If you cant identify, it doesn’t mean that the world can’t. There is a lot of effort being put to get UG programme into place. Appreciate it. Dont keep on pointing fingers at somebody. This article is way below the standard of an editor and should be truly condemned.

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