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Welcome note

Dear Students,

Congratulations on gaining an admission to India’s premier institute of higher learning and being the 100th batch to do so. You have made it here by dint of hard work and perseverance. Today you are in a unique position to gain learning and hone your skills. This opportunity will help you become better individuals and contribute to the society and the nation at large. We believe there is no better place for this transformation than our institute.

It is undoubtedly an honour and privelege to be a student of this institute. As known widely the institute has made great progress over a century now. It is the fruit of labour of many distinguished people over this period. Positioned so, our institute provides very well for the inquiring student. Growing within such an ambience, we believe it is the duty of every individual to apply his/her learning to situations contributing to the development of the environment that sustains one another.

Students’ Council is representative of students’ interests in all aspects that affect them. We will be there for you through the course of your stay here. This is possible through our dedicated co-ordinators of relevant committees. Please feel free to get in touch with us for help and guidance on any issue that may surface.

We heartily welcome you to an experience at our institute that will pave way for a splendid and deserving future.

Students’ Council Team

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From Students’ Council

1.What’s up with the scholarship and LAN survey:-
“Hey!! With too much over enthusiasm Student Council took survey. Nothing happened so far. I know it. Nothing is going to happen. What is the point of taking a survey…blah blah blah”. To all the cynical people who talk like this here is the answer. The purpose of survey is to know the necessities of the students and whether what we think is same as the thought process of majority of students. To solve any issue we need to find a logical solution to it.
Coming to the survey for scholarship, the motto there is to request the administration to pursue the scholarship hike matter more seriously. Please note that MHRD still has NOT approved the scholarship hike. If approved, all the students are going to get arrears. But the point we tried to access by doing a survey is to find out the financial burdens of students and how reducing the delay of implementation of hike is going to reduce their burden. The second issue of the survey is LAN in the hostels. This issue is debatable. There is a high probability of misuse and at the same time there are many important cases where in LAN connection in the hostels will hasten their research. It is important to find out how much percentage of students use the resources for research and how many people use it for “entertainment”.
After several extended deadlines, only 726 out of ~2500 responded on time.200 more responded after the deadline of all the deadlines which we could not use. The survey includes the annual income of student’s family apart from the scholarship provided. Out of 726 students 324 students didn’t want to specify. We can assume that they are reasonably well placed. Out of 402 students who gave the information, a whopping 72% of their families have an annual income of < Rs 2,00,000/-, 52% of their families have < Rs 1,00,000/- ,32% of them have < Rs50,000/- and 7.5% of them are the family’s sole earning source. Out of 726 students 33% have taken loans some time or the other. The request made to the authorities is given below.
Majority of students are struggling hard to meet their basic requirements. A small proactive measure will help our student community a lot. Please request MHRD to approve the scholarship hike and implement the same as early as possible. We believe that MHRD will respond immediately given the fact that I.I.Sc is THE premium institute. Once the financial worries are out of student’s head, then the quality of research will improve quite a bit.
The other issue is the LAN issue. Among 726 students, 472 people are doing experimental work, 334 people are doing simulation work and 304 people are doing theoretical work. Our recommendations are as follows.
For completing one simulation, students in departments like Aerospace, CSA, ECE, EE, ME take few hours to few days and in some cases few months that too in the SERC server. Typically simulations are in queue and one student’s simulation might affect the other student’s work. Some departments are very far off and it is tough for a student to walk or cycle all the way to the department to just check how the simulation is running. Experimentalists typically download journal papers in the night. In some departments there is a scarcity of computers and people don’t get enough time to browse and download the journal papers required for the research. For better management of time and increase in research productivity, LAN in the hostels is of utmost importance.
To aid 54% of students who run simulations, we request you to provide LAN/WLAN in two new hostel blocks and one ladies hostel block on a trial basis for restricted hours i.e from 8 PM to 8 AM. Given that each student has to enter his ID to access internet, there is no apprehension of misuse of the service provided. We take full responsibility in making sure that the facility is used for the right purpose.
The responses for our requests are positive. We will let the student community know at the appropriate time to avoid any unforeseen controversies. There is always a purpose to do a survey. Please help us in giving the necessary information without which our stand will not be that stronger. Privacy of the information is of utmost importance and is 100% guaranteed.
2. Hostel accommodation issue- Perspective of Students’ Council
“Yaar… student council is supporting the administration in making senior students forcibly share the rooms with the new comers. What kind of ************ SC is this? They are not for students”.
For all these comments here are the answers.
Student Council never took a step that might force anybody to share the rooms. As you know we have taken the office only in June. It is the administration decision to give admission to a large number of students. We have no right to comment on that.
By the mid of July, SC was called by the Dean and was informed about the scarcity of rooms and intimated us about the appeal that they are going to make to the students. They sent the broadcast first after which we sent one more broadcast regarding the guidelines that needs to be followed if a volunteer comes forward to share the room. We were concerned about the student who is going to share the room with another person. The guidelines are meant to benefit the person who has volunteered. At no point of time we forced anybody to volunteer. So far to our knowledge, 17 people came forward.
Regarding the question “Why did student council allow this sort of situation to happen?”, the answer is “ we don’t have the authority in deciding the number of students to be admitted.” The admission part and the logistic part strictly is a matter concerned with higher authorities.
We do agree that many of the new students are facing tough time in adjusting the accommodation provided to them. We were told by the administration that the hostel shortage problem will be tackled soon and students will be given proper accommodation as early as possible.
Voices team has asked us the following questions:-
1. Are newcomers sharing their rooms with their fellow newcomers? Ans: Hostel administration has this information.
2. On what basis are the 150-200 people (who do not get hostel rooms) chosen? Is it first come first serve? Ans: Hostel administration is correct authority to answer this
3. Are freshers aware of this problem before they arrive at IISc? Ans: Academic section is correct authority to answer this.
We believe that we have put our 100% efforts in protecting the interests of students within our limitations.
We are planning to interact with students within a short time (tentatively Aug 6th between A and B mess), find out the problems regarding hostels and put our efforts to resolve them as early as possible.
3. Bicycle Drive:
It’s the month of July and one can see many faces disappearing from the campus whether it is mess or food outlets or hostel. People are leaving after completing their aspirations and taking away memories of the good times spent in the campus and leaving their mark in the campus. Some marks are recognizable in form of the Laurels brought to the institute and professors.
Strangely some leave marks which are unrecognizable, such as bicycles which had been their best companions during their stay at IISc and are now lying unused in the campus at different places. With the number of unused cycles accumulating over the years, there might be a day where the number of unused bicycles lying in the campus will exceed the number of bicycles in use. The disadvantages are twofold. The new comers who want bicycles will have to spend a chunk of money to buy a new bicycle even though there are enough number of unused bicycles which can be brought into usable condition by doing minor repairs. The second one is the space constraint. There is hardly any space left out to park the new cycles that people buy.
Earlier security used to handle the unused bicycles. They used to give the bicycles to the people who are in need with a condition that the bicycle should be returned to the security after the completion of the degree. This used to work when the number of students were small. Student Council wanted to continue the noble thought and with the help of security they started bicycle drive last year.
Thanks to efforts of the volunteers, they were able to give cycles for lot of students. One more wonderful effort they have carried out is to implement the idea of common usage bicycles. The first effort was a major success. The second effort was made to fail by the institute community. The lack of respect for the items that are not personal led to the failure. The energy that the volunteers spent in getting the common usage bicycles in place must be appreciated. People used the cycles even when they were punctured, left the cycles in a random area which they like and they are not even courteous to inform that a cycle needs repairing and it has been parked at such and such place. The wheels were bent, the breaks were removed, the seats were stolen etc. This is because of selfishness and lack of feeling of unity. The “feeling that it belong to US” is lacking. That is the cause for failure. There were lots of cynical people who criticized the failure of the common usage bicycles. I am sure they wouldn’t have done even an iota of work to make it proper.
Lessons are learnt. But still what is good for the community should continue despite the hurdles that come on the way. This year also we started the first step of bicycle drive i.e, the background work required for identifying unused bicycles. Around 400 stickers were pasted on the unused bicycles and owners were asked to remove the stickers if they identify their cycle and if they are going to use them. We are going to segregate them and will first give cycles for the individuals in a pretty short time. The procedure to get these cycles will be advertised soon. People can come and pick up the cycles and enjoy riding in the wonderful campus. Later on, a mechanism that can sustain the common usage bicycles will be evolved and implemented.

I would like to end this note by appealing to the IISc fraternity to come forward and donate their bicycles for the good cause. As elders say, please kindly think about community first then about yourself next. In case you would like to donate a bicycle or have any queries, please write to mentioning your mobile number. We will get back to you.

Saurabh aggrawal (CEDT)